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In Money Switch, Anita Petty outlines the secrets to transform your financial dreams into reality. The book, when paired with the companion Money SwitchWorkbook, can fast-track your success by helping you create your vision, develop your financial roadmap, assess your Money IQ and evaluate your circle of influence—the people who can take you where you want to go financially. Record your progress and assess your progress along the way! If purchased together, the book and workbook are offered at a substantial savings, so BUY the COMBO today!

Learn how to harness strategies to:

  • Set achievable financial goals
  • Take action and act with urgency!
  • Achieve escape velocity and break free of success blockers
  • Create a mindset for financial success
  • Learn the role of education in developing your financial intelligence
  • Surround yourself with the right people—your circle of influence
  • Be willing to give back—the key to continued financial success!
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