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A wise person once said that what we think about most is what we become. Concisely put, “Thoughts become things.” If you’re goal-oriented and positively focused, then you probably agree with this. But if you’re focused on the negative–how things never seem to work out for you in spite of your best efforts—well, then hold on tight. You may be in for a rough ride.

Ultimately, our success or failure in life has a lot to do with our thoughts, the emotions these thoughts conjure up in us, and the meaning we give to the combination when we decide to take action on them.

Emotion is critical to making real change in your life. It creates the momentum you need to achieve your goal. Think of emotion as the catalyst that drives your thoughts to action. Without emotion, your thoughts may simply remain just that—thoughts. That’s why it’s important to understand the interplay between thoughts and emotions. Knowing specifically how you direct or channel your emotions and how your emotions drive your thoughts and actions is key to your success.

When working towards your financial goals, be sure to do the things that maintain a heightened state of energy and enthusiasm. Realize, however, that while emotion can be a positive factor in getting you to take action, it can also dampen your progress—and can even bring you to a complete stop.

How can you master your emotions to accumulate wealth and achieve financial success?

First, consciously recognize the life experiences you associate with particular emotions. When something bad happens, do you associate pain, hurt, or anger with that event? Or later, when a similar event occurs, do your emotions subconsciously default to those same feelings? Or, do you see bad experiences as learning opportunities and choose to move forward, eager to improve your situation? Bottom line: how you choose to react is YOUR choice.

If you remain stuck, reacting negatively to old pains from your past, this behavior can create a sense of learned helplessness over time. You “think” you cannot change the way you feel about things that happen to you in life. Maybe you mutter to yourself, ‘It’s hopeless. I can’t change.’ Caught up in this stinking thinking, you continue to live in the past and repeatedly experience the same emotions, believing you cannot change your future.

Well, this is just not true. Emotions have power—but, they have only the power we choose to give them. Put another way, emotions get their power from the experiences we choose to associate with them. So, remember, you’re in the driver’s seat. You decide whether you control your emotions or they control you. Focus on being consciously aware of your emotions and what you associate with them. Knowing what you believe and how emotions influence your actions, decisions, and habits are critical steps in developing a solid, financial future.


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